/!\ I2P Android dev builds are here!

Snazzy intro

Okay, so there's not much to see here right now, but this is my little patch of I2P.

Keep an eye out for interesting things... such as my guides.

I also have a blog that I use for general status updates and interesting things.

More likely to be up-to-date though is my todo list.

And I'm starting a collection of infographics! Everyone loves those!

My Services

I have set up a few useful services on I2P - at least, I think they are useful :-D

Useful URLs

Just a few eepsites I have found that I want to remember...

Other notes of interest

Several ways to contact str4d

Bitcoin donations to 13fMpTHxB9PYUuE1QMXnL1Rzna8cwfatRy are welcome :-)

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